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What is Sustainable Cannabis? – Sustainable Cannabis Products in MA

Sustainable Cannabis in Massachusetts

Much like any agricultural product, cannabis cultivation and cannabis product production can require a lot of natural resources. Further, poor growing practices or unmonitored pollutants from grow operations and processors can lead to other planetary risks. However, some brands in the industry, including us here at Solar Cannabis, are focused on keeping cannabis earth-friendly and more sustainable than most agricultural products.

Sustainably grown cannabis is an important designation when shopping at the dispensary because it tells you as a consumer the brand has done all it can to be kind to the environment. What is sustainable cannabis, and what makes a cannabis flower or product legitimately sustainable? Take a closer look at the answers below.

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What Is Sustainable Cannabis?

Sustainable cannabis refers to the cultivation, processing, and distribution of cannabis products in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. This approach aims to minimize the ecological impact of cannabis production and promote ethical practices throughout the supply chain.

What Makes Cannabis Sustainable?

Sustainable Growing Practices

Sustainable growing practices mean the grower considers the environmental impact of every aspect of how its plants are grown. Sustainable growing practices may include:

  • Using organic farming methods without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Employing water-saving techniques and technologies to minimize water usage in cultivation
  • Embracing regenerative agricultural practices that focus on improving soil health, biodiversity, and overall ecosystem resilience
  • Implementing energy-efficient technologies, such as renewable energy sources, to reduce the carbon footprint of indoor cultivation facilities

Sustainable Processing/Manufacturing Practices

Just as growers can implement strategies for sustainability, processors that produce cannabis products can do the same. Sustainable processing and manufacturing processes can involve everything from working to recycle materials and resources used during extraction to relying on alternative, renewable energy sources to power equipment.

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

The explosion of new cannabis products available to consumers in legal markets equates to a high potential for a lot of waste. For example, a single gram of cannabis flower may come along with up to 70 grams of packaging, which is primarily made of plastic. Therefore, it is important for brands truly focused on sustainability to also focus on implementing practices to minimize waste generation, such as using recyclable materials and making sure customers know how to recycle sustainable cannabis packaging.

Growing a Greener Cannabis Future with Sustainably Grown Cannabis

Solar Sustainably Grown Cannabis Flower

Solar-branded cannabis flower is recognized as one of the top flower brands in Massachusetts. All of our flower is grown in sun-powered indoor facilities, and we focus on growing premium-terpene-rich flower from well-sourced seeds with reliable, respectable genetics. A few of our most popular strains include:

  • Gas Truffle – Potent Hybrid with almost 30% THC
  • Apples & Bananas – Flavorful hybrid with loads of fruit flavor and over 30% THC
  • Goofiez – Balanced hybrid with laughs to give and 23% THC
  • Compound Z – An intensely flavorful hybrid with around 26% THC
  • Auruz – A top-shelf hybrid strain with about 30% THC

Solar Edibles

You’ll find a full collection of high-quality edibles at Solar with various cannabinoid formulas for a targeted experience, which is why we are known to produce some of the best edibles in New England. Every Solar edible is also made from the same sustainable cannabis we grow, and plant-based ingredients. Additionally, we focus on sustainable cannabis packaging with every product. A few edible product picks from Solar include:

  • Recharge 2:1 CBD and THC Green Apple Nano Gummies
  • Restore 5:1 CBD and THC Berry Limeade Gummies
  • Solar Power Energy Shots

Solar Cannabis Co Recharge Green Apple Solar Power Nano Gummies

Solar Extracts and Concentrates

We make both solvent and solventless extracts in our processing facilities. Every extract is made following the most stringent standards when it comes to quality testing, retaining the valued compounds from the plant, and producing products in the most sustainable way possible. We offer everything from concentrates like live rosin to premium cannabis distillate we use in Solar vapes. A few vapes and concentrates you’ll see on Solar menus include:

  • Gelato Distillate Vape Carts
  • Pineapple Express Distillate Vape Carts
  • Apple Fritter Disposable Vapes
  • Jokerz Candy Live Rosin
  • Gas Truffle Live Rosin

Solar Cannabis Co Gelato Distillate Vape Cart

Shop One of the Most Sustainable Cannabis Brands in the US: Solar

Since we opened our operation in 2019 as a vertically integrated brand, we have been dedicated to keeping our impact on the environment as low as possible. Our efforts even landed us a spot in the Cannabis Business Times and numerous other nationwide mentions. If you are concerned about supporting green practices as a cannabis consumer, be sure to track down the Solar dispensary nearest you in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

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