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The Best Edibles in Massachusetts in 2023

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Ready to try the best edibles in Massachusetts? Compared to other states on the East Coast, Mass has had a few years to really get creative when it comes to cannabis edibles. While THC gummies are always a go-to, you can get your hands on everything from sweet-and-savory chocolate bars to cannabis-infused beverage shots with a dose of caffeine for energy. Take a look at our picks for some of the best Massachusetts cannabis edibles you can buy.


The Best Edibles in Massachusetts 2023

1. Wicked Edibles Gummies

Potency per serving: 5mg THC per gummy

Wicked Edibles is a prized name when it comes to the best gummies in MA. The brand produces high-quality gummies in tempting flavors like Sour Citrus, Sour Sativa Strawberry, and Sour Tropical. Each of these edibles has a telltale sour punch that’s quickly soothed by bright fruit flavors and sweetness.

2. Byky Bon Bons

Potency per serving: 5mg per bonbon

Byky is rapidly growing when it comes to recognition for providing some of the best Massachusetts cannabis edibles. And our customers can’t get enough of Byky Bon Bons. These little chocolate nibbles come in a list of different flavors, such as Hazelnut Espresso, Maple Almond Butter, and Mint Chocolate. Each bonbon only contains 30 calories, but has loads of yummy flavor and 5 mg THC from Co2-extracted cannabis extract.

3. Solar Cannabis Co. Gummies

Potency per serving: 5mg of THC per gummy

We’re not too shy to say we make some of the best gummies in MA. Solar Gummies are available in a list of different flavors and formulations, so you can pick and choose the experience you want. A few local favorites include Rise Cherry Punch Gummies with Caffeine and Slumber 1:1 Orangeade Gummies with CBN and THC.

4. SunDrift Hard Candies

Potency per serving: 5mg THC per candy

Hard candies offer a unique cannabis edible experience because they can be faster-acting than something like chocolate or gummies. Few brands do cannabis-infused hard candies quite like SunDrift. SunDrift Hard Candies are modeled after all those classic candy flavors of yesteryear nit infused with 5mg of full-spectrum THC. Look for flavors on the menu like Black Cherry, Classic Butterscotch, and Deep Cinnamon.

5. 1906 Drops

Potency per serving: Varies depending on product

1906 Drops are the no-fuss way to get a dose of cannabinoids. These little drops come in different formulas to cater to unique experiences. For example, 1906 Genius Drops contain caffeine, CBD, and THC. By contrast, 1906 Go Drops contain 5mg of THC and CBD and are modeled after a Sativa strain. These drops are available in single-serve pouches and tins, which makes it easy to try different formulas.

6. TheoryX Chocolate Bars

Potency: 5mg of THC per piece.100mg per bar

How about creamy milk chocolate sprinkled with crispy bits of mint cookies? Or maybe you’re in the mood for a chocolate bar that contains a multitude of layers of crunch and flavor. Either way, be sure to look for Theoryx Chocolate Bars on the dispensary menu. Theory Wellness comes up with these insanely good chocolate bars in flavors like Kitchen Sink and Mint Cookie Chip. And the brand is also known to create some of the top high THC edibles Massachusetts has available. But best of all, every bar is made with full-spectrum cannabis extracts, so you always get a well-balanced experience.

7. Solar Power Cannabis-Infused Energy Shots

Potency: 5mg per shot

If you need a fast-acting pick-me-up, be sure to look for our very own Solar Power Energy Shots. These shot-sized bottles of cannabis-infused liquid contain 225 mg of caffeine, as well as 5 mg of THC, B vitamins, taurine, and CoQ10. What you end up with is a firestorm of focus and energy that settles in fast thanks to the rapid-absorption technology used to nano-emulsify the THC. These shots come in tastebud-invigorating citrus flavors like Lime.

Explore the Best Edibles in Massachusetts at Solar Cannabis Co.

From the best THC gummies Massachusetts has to offer to cannabis-infused drinks and chocolate, we’ve got the top selection at Solar Cannabis Co. Be sure to explore our menus in Seekonk, Somerset, and Dartmouth to take a look at our full collection.


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