July 29, 2022 | Edibles, Solar News

Solar Power: A Fast-Acting, Cannabis Infused Energy Shot!

SOMERSET, Mass. (July 29, 2022) Solar Cannabis Co. (Solar) today announced the official launch of its cannabis-infused “Solar Power” Energy Shot – a first to the Massachusetts cannabis market. 

Solar – a leading vertically integrated cannabis operator in the State of Massachusetts – has officially launched “Solar Power,” its fast-acting line of cannabis-infused products. Solar will bring its rapid-absorption line of products to market first with a Citrus Lime-flavored energy shot – similar to a 5-hour Energy

Cannabis-infused beverages are here to stay,“ said Edward Dow, CEO of Solar Cannabis Co. “We are already seeing a lot of market saturation throughout the industry as it pertains to infused drinks. Our Solar Power Energy Shot puts a bit of a different spin on what’s out there currently available and is surely first-to-market in Massachusetts.”

Solar Power Energy Shots are a portable, sugar free, faster acting and longer lasting cannabis-infused energy drink. Each shot packs 225 mg of caffeine per serving (approximately 4 cups of coffee), as well as COQ10 (for focus), and a combination of b-vitamins and Taurine (for energy). This energy blend is infused with 5mg of nano-emulsified THC for rapid absorption, so its users can reach new highs faster. Solar Power Energy Shots are sweetened with zero sugar and deliver a cool, refreshing and invigorating citrus taste. Other ingredients include: organic chicory root inulin, isomalt from beets, as well as all-natural fruit and vegetable coloring.

“We’re always listening to our consumers and doing our best to R&D new products based on their feedback,” said Dow. “Lately, the resounding sentiment put a spotlight on the need for a fast-acting, infused energy drink. We’re confident we’ve given the people exactly what they’ve been asking for.”

Solar Power Energy Shots will be available for purchase at its Somerset and Seekonk dispensary storefronts and available for wholesale shortly thereafter.

About Solar Cannabis Co.. 

Based in Somerset, MA., Solar Cannabis Co. (Solar) is a 67,000 sq ft. vertically-integrated cannabis operator that cultivates and produces recreational marijuana/marijuana-infused products. To date, Solar is unlike any indoor cannabis manufacturing facility in America. With a commitment to sustainable and innovative practices, Solar’s flagship facility was designed to reshape the way cannabis is cultivated. Through the implementation of microgrid assets (solar arrays and high-efficiency, combined heat & power units), LED lighting and 90% water reclamation, Solar is able to produce premium cannabis while lowering its overall energy profile as well as generating over five megawatts (MW) of clean power on-site. Learn more at www.solarthera.com.

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