Super High TAC + Super High Terps

The BEST Vapes in Massachusetts

Solar Vapes are an alternative and cleaner way to consume cannabis. All Solar Vapes allow you to have a quicker and more discreet consumption, while enjoying a highly-potent and super flavorful product. Here’s why Solar Vapes are the best in Massachusetts:

Solar utilizes CO2 extraction for all of its distillation processes. By incorporating low-pressure liquid CO2 extraction, we avoid needing to add residual solvents (like butane/hydrocarbon and ethanol).

Because CO2 is off-gassed naturally by the plant, using CO2 to extract allows for a cleaner product. CO2 extraction also requires less refining (Solar NEVER uses color remediation on its distillate, which is common in some states where cannabis is legal) and all terpenes used are botanical and/or hemp-derived (Solar also NEVER uses artificial terpenes).

Solar Vapes come in a glass cart with a ceramic mouthpiece and a 510 thread. Using glass and ceramic gives the customer a cleaner experience with less left over residues.


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