Cultivated Sustainably Right Here In Massachusetts

Premium Cannabis Strains

Solar Cannabis Co. prides itself in cultivating the best, premium cannabis strains in Massachusetts at the State’s very best prices.

We do things differently than other cannabis operators out there. At Solar, we cultivate cannabis sustainably. In fact, our 67,000 sq ft. is entirely off the electrical grid. Our sustainable cultivation operations were designed to re-shape (and re-think) the way cannabis is grown indoors.

Vice President

Brendan Delaney

Solar’s team of cultivators is lead by Vice President Brendan Delaney, a skilled grower with 13 years of experience in commercial cultivation in Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. From harvest to packaging, each packaged flower cultivated by Solar is full-plant dried, meticulously-cured, hand-manicured, and always delivers a complex, powerful terpene profile coupled with maximum potency.


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