Tutti Frutti


Our Tutti Frutti Vape Cart is a perfectly balanced hybrid that tantalizes the senses with its delightful blend of sweet citrus and candy notes, evoking memories of the classic popsicle from which it was inspired. Crafted for a smooth vaping experience, each hit bursts with flavor, offering a mellow and relaxing high without the dreaded couch lock. Indulge in Tutti Frutti, where taste and tranquility come together in perfect harmony, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a flavorful, yet balanced cannabis experience.

Our Distillation Process:

Our Solar vape cart distillate is derived from 100% low-pressure liquid C02 extraction. By utilizing CO2 extraction, we avoid the need to incorporate residual solvents (like butane/hydrocarbon and ethanol). And because C02 is off-gassed naturally by the plant, using CO2 to extract allows for a cleaner and smoother product. CO2 extraction also requires less refining (we NEVER use color remediation on our distillate) and all of our terpenes used are hemp-derived (we NEVER use artificial terpenes).

About Solar Vape Carts

Solar vapes come in a glass cart with a ceramic mouthpiece and a 510 thread. Using glass and ceramic gives the customer a cleaner experience with less left over residues.

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