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Solar Concentrates

Solar Cannabis Co creates top-shelf cannabis weed concentrate dabs that stay true to all the things we love about the plant. Through a state-of-the-art, solventless extraction process, we create clean, potent concentrates with reliable chemical profiles. Just as we give love and attention to our cannabis flower, every concentrate that leaves our processing facility receives the same dedicated attention from start to finish.

A Look at Solar Cannabis Co Concentrates

Solar cannabis concentrates are extracts taken from the strains we grow in our own sun-powered cultivation facility in Massachusetts. We trust the flower we grow to yield the most terpene-rich extracts with the cannabinoid profiles our customers already appreciate. We know each concentrate we make from the time it starts out as a seed.

Types of Cannabis Concentrates Available from Solar Cannabis Co.

Cannabis concentrates are available in many forms, including live rosin, hash, kief, and more. Solar provides several premium types of cannabis concentrates, each made through a nature-based solventless extraction process. While our collection is ever-growing, one of the most popular concentrates we produce is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Solar Cannabis Co. RSO contains the full spectrum of plant compounds for the best-rounded therapeutic support.

Shop for Weed Concentrate Dabs Near Me at Solar

When you want only the best cannabis concentrates in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, watch for products bearing the Solar Cannabis Co name. In addition to our branded concentrates, each of our dispensary menus also offers a fine collection of well-tested concentrates from other trusted brands.


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