October 18, 2021 | Edibles, Solar News

Solar Cannabis Co. Enters Edibles Market with Plant-Based Gummies Made With “Real Ingredients”

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Solar Launches Vegan Gummy Line with Three Mood-Based Flavors

Solar Cannabis Co. (Solar) today announced the launch of its plant-based cannabis-infused edible gummy line, which feature three effects-based flavors, and are immediately available for retail and wholesale purchase through its Somerset dispensary.

Designed by award-winning chef and holistic nutritionist Kyleen Keenan, Solar’s gummies are made with “real ingredients,” including fruit & vegetable juices, organic sweeteners, and freshly brewed teas.

“We believe that better ingredients equals a better experience, which is why we’ve paired fresh ingredients with our cannabis-infused products,” said Kyleen Keenan, Product Developer at Solar. “We created these proprietary gummy recipes with the end consumers’ health and well-being in mind and we’re thrilled to offer a vegan product to the mass market.”

At its core, Solar’s ethos is driven by innovation, which allows the company to cultivate cannabis and manufacture cannabis-infused products sustainably. The launch of its line of cannabis edibles – made with real ingredients – enables Solar to stay true to its roots and provide a cleaner, better-for-you product.

“Our mission here at Solar is to execute innovative and sustainable solutions to the way we cultivate and manufacture cannabis,” said Edward Dow, CEO of Solar. “This is a fast-growing segment of the cannabis market and there is a real need to provide a healthy, feel-good product in the edibles space. We’re really proud of what we’ve created here.”

Solar’s gummy line features three mood-based flavors:

Cherry Punch (Rise): Tart cherry, rounded out with sweet pineapple juice and a burst of citrus orange. These gummies come complete with a touch of green tea extract for an amplified and energized sativa effect.

Grapefruit Hibiscus (Cruise): A bright, clean and refreshing sip of hibiscus tea paired with a burst of sweet ruby red grapefruit. Uplifting, luscious and made with all of the right ingredients to help you cruise through your day.

Lemon Agave (Sleep): Fresh, clean lemon citrus zest blended with caramel tones from organic agave is a bite-sized burst of flavor that will help you set sail into the night. With 2mg of melatonin per serving these gummies will help promote a restful, good night’s sleep.

To order online for in-store pickup, click here. For information on wholesale ordering click here.

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