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The 5 Best Cannabis Flower Brands in MA

Whether you prefer classic strains, up-and-coming picks with complex flavors, or something highly specific, you can find the best weed in Massachusetts. The Bay State has one of the most respected cannabis industries, and it is not without reasons. The top weed brands in the state go the extra mile to make sure cannabis is grown in the healthiest ways possible, cured to perfection, and simply built to deliver a good experience.

When you head to the best dispensaries in MA, it can be helpful if you know how to find the best Massachusetts cannabis. Take a look at a few of the best cannabis flower brands in MA below.


Who Has the Best Weed in Massachusetts?

1. Solar Cannabis Co.

At Solar Cannabis Co, we grow cannabis with sustainability and a passion for premium cannabis experiences in mind. Our cannabis is grown in facilities that rely only on the power of the sun, and we were the first in the US to make this happen. Not only are we passionate about being kind to the environment, but we also go to great lengths to provide some of the best strains in Massachusetts. We’ve even been recognized by High Times as one of the best cannabis brands. A few top picks you’ll see on our dispensary menus brought to life by us include:

  • Pink Certz – A well-balanced Hybrid with 27% THC
  • Gas Truffle – A complexly flavored Indica with almost 28% THC
  • Wedding Cake – A classic Hybrid strain with loads of flavor and 27% THC
  • Goofiez – A premium Hybrid that always lives up to its name and boasts 23% THC
  • Apples & Bananas – A mouthwatering Hybrid strain with a jaw-dropping 31.5% THC

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2. Glorious Cannabis Co.

Glorious Cannabis Co. is always a name to remember when it comes to finding good weed in Mass. The brand has exceptionally high standards in its cultivation and production facilities and remains committed to providing only the best customer experiences. Not to mention, Glorious Cannabis Co. has a fantastic lineup of strains to pick from, such as:

  • Space Walker – An Indica-dominant, sweet strain with a superior relaxing quality
  • Blue Blockers – A creatively uplifting Hybrid with a good mid-range THC potency
  • Galateria – A heavy-hitting Hybrid with 28% THC
  • G25 x Do-Si-Dos – An excellent Indica cultivar with over 28% THC

3. Berkshire Roots

Berkshire Roots is well-recognized when it comes to fine cannabis in MA. With an impressive library of strains and a reputation for producing some of the highest-quality flower in the state, you can always rest assured you’re getting a top-shelf product with Berkshire Roots. A few of the best strains in Massachusetts you’ll find bearing the Berkshire Roots name include:

  • Mandarin Cookies – An even-keeled Hybrid with 28% THC and exceptional euphoric uplift
  • OGKB – A potent Indica strain with over 30% THC
  • Orange Chemeleon – An energetic Sativa strain with over 30% THC and loads of citrus-gas flavor
  • Blueberry Cookies – A therapeutic Hybrid with a sweet berry flavor and 15% THC

4. Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze Cultivators is a family-owned cannabis brand that focuses on growing heirloom and Landrace strains. The brand operates a state-of-the-art cultivation facility that focuses on providing a superior growing environment for their weed, right down to monitoring nutrients from seed-planting to flowering. A few strains from Ocean Breeze Cultivators you’ll want to look for include:

  • Star Struck – A Hybrid strain that delivers total relaxation with just over 22% THC
  • White Chocolate Chip – A flavorful Indica strain with 24% THC
  • Banana TK – A tropical-tinged Hybrid that boasts over 25% THC

5. Good Chemistry Nurseries

Good Chemistry Nurseries produces some of the most eclectic, small-batch cannabis strains that are so easy to appreciate. The brand is known for providing unique cultivars with sometimes hard-to-find genetics and terpene profiles. A few strains to look for from Good Chemistry include:

  • White Gravy – A potent, creamy and peppery Hybrid with 28% THC
  • Trail Mix – An exceptionally nutty and soothing Hybrid with just over 27% THC
  • Bluebells – A earthy, sweet Sativa strain with a mid-range THC profile

Shop for the Best Massachusetts Cannabis at Solar

When you want only the best weed in Massachusetts, you can count on Solar Cannabis to deliver. In addition to our own strain collection, we partner with the top flower brands in MA that we know and trust. If you’re ready to see one of the most carefully compiled collections of cannabis flower in the state, be sure to take a look at our menus for Dartmouth, Seekonk, and Somerset.


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