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The Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts in 2023

Whether you’re spending some time in Buzzards Bay, the Berkshires, or Boston, you can find some of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts. The cannabis market in Mass is figuratively and iteratively in full bloom with some pretty amazing dispensaries connecting people to good weed. Not sure where to go in your region to ensure the best cannabis shopping experience? Check out our picks for the best dispensaries in Massachusetts 2023.

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Best Dispensary in Massachusetts (Buzzards Bay Area)

Solar Cannabis Co.

Where? Dartmouth, Seekonk, and Somerset, MA

Why? Excellent customer service and a sustainable collection of in-house brands

The Solar Cannabis Company is considered one of the most sought-after cannabis dispensaries in the Buzzards Bay region. As a vertically-integrated brand, Solar is a retailer, but also a cannabis processor and cultivator. Therefore, Solar cannabis products are widely distributed among partner dispensaries.

A Myriad of Premium Cannabis Products

All Solar Cannabis Co. dispensaries provide one of the largest collections of premium cannabis flower and other products in the state. You’ll find a broad collection of Solar-owned cannabis brands including Stone Road and Byky, but also picks from other carefully vetted Massachusetts brands as well. Each dispensary menu has the finest collection of:

  • Cannabis flower and pre-rolls
  • Edibles and cannabis-infused beverages
  • Therapeutic tinctures and topicals
  • Potent concentrates
  • Cannabis vape carts and disposable vapes

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Cultivating a Brighter Cannabis Future

By using innovative practices in every aspect, Solar Cannabis Co. keeps sustainability at the heart of its operations, from the cannabis grown to the dispensary experience. Solar’s indoor cannabis cultivation center was the very first to create a fully off-grid grow facility. We remain committed to keeping earth-friendly practices front and center to ensure the growing industry does nothing but good things for the people and environment.

Exceptional Customer Service

Whether you have your mind set on a certain strain, or have no idea which strain would be best for you, our team will work hard to help you out. We strive to make sure every cannabis customer feels welcomed and comfortable from the time they enter our dispensaries. We’ll guide you on how to identify heirloom vs landrace strains, how to use bubble hash, and even educate you about the effects of unique strains.

Best Dispensary in Massachusetts (Boston Area)

Rooted In

Where? Boston, MA

Why? Minority-owned and community-focused

Known as a premier boutique-style dispensary in Boston, Rooted In is a community-centered, minority-owned place with excellent cannabis. The Rooted In dispensary provides a top-shelf collection of craft cannabis flower, high-quality edibles, and other products. In addition, the dispensary founders have worked hard to serve the communities that have been most affected by cannabis laws of the past.

Best Massachusetts Dispensary (Northeast Area)

Reverie 73

Where? Lowell, MA

Why? Welcoming atmosphere with neighborly vibes

The Reverie 73 dispensary in Lowe has one of the best reputations when it comes to providing an inviting space where customers can browse and learn about cannabis. This dispensary took the initiative from the beginning to arm people with cannabis-product knowledge, so they could have the best experiences. Therefore, Reverie 73 doesn’t just have top-shelf products for sale, they make sure every customer walks away confident with their purchase.

Best Recreational Dispensaries in Massachusetts (Worcester Area)

Garden Remedies

Where? Marlborough, MA

Why? Excellent cannabis selection

Garden Remedies has three dispensaries in Massachusetts, but the Marlborough location always gets stellar reviews from customers. This dispensary is known for providing one of the best cannabis selections in the area, and the location frequently offers opportunities to save. Garden Remedies’ branded cannabis flower, edibles, and other products are actually available at a handful of dispensaries in MA.

Best Dispensary in Massachusetts (Berkshires Area)

Canna Provisions

Where? Lee, MA

Why? Great in-house cannabis strains and clones

Canna Provisions in Lee is one of the best dispensaries to visit in Western Massachusetts. The location prides itself on offering excellent customer service and a broad collection of cannabis products. However, another attribute that makes Canna Provisions one of the best is the Smash Hits Collection of flower, which features many classic strains that can be hard to find elsewhere. The dispensary also has clones available on occasion from the Smash Hits line.

Visit One of the Best Dispensaries in Massachusetts

At Solar Cannabis Co, we’re proud to be part of the bustling cannabis community in Massachusetts. Ready to swing by for a visit? Feel free to take a look at our dispensary menus in Dartmouth, Seekonk, and Somerset to get a peek at our inventory before you arrive.

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