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Be a Little Bubbly: An Introduction to Bubble Hash

solventless bubble hash

Cannabis Concentrates: An Introduction to Bubble Hash

Solvent-Free, Full-Spectrum “Ice Water Hash”

By: Gregg Padula

New to cannabis concentrates? 

Bubble hash might just be the perfect place to start exploring cannabis concentrates! A solvent-free cannabis extract, bubble hash stands out in the cannabis product mix as a fresh superstar for a new generation. 

What is bubble hash? 

Also referred to as “ice water hash”, bubble hash is a solvent-free cannabis concentrate, made using a simple process that includes water, lots of ice, and constant agitation of cannabis biomass material. The finished product, a fine crystalline powder, retains almost all of the natural, beneficial compounds of its source material creating a “full spectrum” product. 

How Potent is Bubble Hash? 

Bubble hash offers flower smokers the chance to experience a more intense high without having to dive into the overwhelming world of dab rigs and butane torches. 

Typically starting at approximately 30% THC and reaching up to 60% THC, bubble hash is considered to have mid-level potency. It is more potent than flower, but not quite as potent as most other extracts.

What is the best way to consume bubble hash?

Many say that the best way to consume bubble hash is with a dry flower vaporizer. Don’t have one? No worries!  It’s just as effective to simply sprinkle some bubble hash into a joint, or on top of a bowl to give your smoke a boost. You can also hit up your local dispensary as many carry hash-infused pre-rolled joints, the ultimate in convenience. . 

Ready to take your smoke to the next level?

Remember – as always – start low and go slow!  Just as with any cannabis product, it’s best to start with a small dose and wait to feel the full effects.  There is no better starting point for anyone curious about crossing over into the wonderful world of modern cannabis extracts than bubble hash. 

You can read the full article about bubble hash in our digital magazine, STONED.

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About the Author: Gregg Padula

gregg padula strain reviewer Solar cannabis co

Gregg Padula is a writer and cannabis expert who began working with the plant while earning his undergraduate degree at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.
When Massachusetts legalized medical cannabis, Padula was the first cultivator hired for what would later be one of the largest production facilities operating.
Starting to see a growing disconnect between Massachusetts residents and cannabis companies, Padula pitched a bi-weekly cannabis column focused on educating and providing trusted, science-backed information to readers. The column ran in over one hundred print publications and online, attracting large readership.
Padula’s hands-on experience working in several facets of the industry has provided rare insight into the cannabis arena from a unique vantage point.
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