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The Top Vape Carts Brands in MA

Cannabis Vape Cartridge

Vaping cannabis has proven to be more convenient for a lot of cannabis customers, and there are so many awesome vape carts and pens to choose from. Looking for the best vape carts in Massachusetts? Check out this collection of some of the best vape cart brands in MA, as well as a few of the top picks these brands have to offer.


Check Out These Brands for the Best Vape Carts Massachusetts Has to Offer

1. Solar Cannabis Co.

Solar Cannabis Co. may be one of the best dispensaries in Massachusetts, but we are also a vertically integrated brand with our own cannabis cultivation and processing operations. Therefore, we produce a full collection of top-shelf vape carts made with extracts from the sustainably grown cannabis we bring to life. Each of our cannabis vapes is created with a high-quality cannabis distillate, which contains the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant. A few picks you may want to try from the Solar Cannabis vape lineup include:

  • Mango Kush – A physically calming, emotionally energizing vape with a noteworthy mango flavor
  • Juicy Blueberry – A berry-tinged Hybrid vape with a smooth hit and calming effect
  • ACDC 1:1 – A CBD/THC Sativa vape that leaves you feeling creatively inspired
  • Maui Wowie – A Sativa-dominant vape with high potency and intensely energizing effects
  • Green Apple – A tart apple-flavored vape with a mix of balancing effects for the everyday vape user

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2. Fernway

When it comes to weed vape pens Massachusetts has a lot to offer, but few stack up to the reputation attached to Fernway vapes. Fernway has an excellent collection of both vape carts and disposable vape pens, modeled after certain strains or formulated to boast specific flavors. The brand also offers live resin vapes. A few top vapes from Fernway to look for at the dispensary include:

  • Alpine Strawberry – A fruity delight with a Hybrid makeup known for its uplifting effects
  • Lemon OG – A strain-specific vape modeled after the famed Indica strain that leaves you wholly relaxed
  • Pumpkin Spice – A seasonal vape with hints of fall flavors and nostalgic, giggly effects
  • Wild Mint – A smoothly cool vape with an impressive euphoric uplift

3. In House

In House weed vape pens are easily some of the most respected in the state. These disposable vapes are made with cannabis terpenes for flavor only and encapsulated in a disposable vape that does not contain metal inside the unit. This leads to a cleaner, more natural flavor with every hit. A few top vape picks to look for from In House include:

  • Peaches & Cream – A delicious Hybrid vape with a peachy/creamy flavor and euphoria to give
  • Super Glue – An Indica-modeled vape with the ability to induce you into a sedated state almost immediately
  • Jack Straw – A Sativa-leaning vape pen great for serving p energy and focus

4. Theory Wellness

Theory Wellness is one of the most recognized names in cannabis on the East Coast, and part of its stellar reputation can be attributed to offering the best vape carts Massachusetts has available. Theory’s vape carts come in both full-spectrum CO2 and essential blends to highlight specific flavors. A few of the Theory Wellness vapes you won’t want to miss include:

  • Star Killer – An Indica vape with a mid-range potency level and sweet, skunk flavor
  • Golden Ticket – An emotionally boosting Hybrid vape with a smooth hit and ability to make you feel like everything is golden
  • Red Headed Stranger – A Sativa vape with a fiery, spicy taste and energetic effects

5. Hellavated

Hellavated is known for creating some of the most potent vapes in Massachusetts. The brand creates vapes by using a triple-refined extract distillate process and always serves up some of the best strain profiles you can find. If you want to try Hellavated vapes for yourself, a few picks to look for include:

  • Bomb Popz – A hard-hitting Hybrid with exceptional and long-lasting uplifting qualities
  • Grape Stomper – A potent and physically relaxing vape woven with sour grape flavors
  • Strawberry Haze – A Sativa-dominant vape with fresh strawberry flavors and prime euphoria to deliver

Shop for the Best Weed Vapes in Massachusetts at Solar Cannabis Co.

Whether you’re looking for a certain vape from a top brand or want to try one of our house-made vapes, Solar Cannabis Co. has got you covered. Be sure to explore our full collection of vapes in Somerset, Dartmouth, and Seekonk.


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