Solar’s Feel Good Spots on the SouthCoast

With the warm New England weather finally here, it’s time to get out and explore! 

Strawberry Moon in South Dartmouth, MA, Marion, MA & Warren, RI

Strawberry Moon is a crystal lover’s dream shop. Their singular mission is to raise the vibrations of the world through love and compassion. Good vibes abound in this adorable new-agey shop that has everything you need to cleanse negativity and raise your positive energy.  Strawberry Moon features a wonderful selection of handmade jewelry, crystals, clothing, herbs, home decor, and more. There are 3 convenient locations in South Dartmouth and Marion, MA and Warren, RI. This is the perfect SouthCoast stop to add to your itinerary and include a bit of relaxation and restoration.


There are plenty of exciting things to do here on the SouthCoast of Massachusetts. Whether you are looking to spend time in nature, indulge in a relaxing massage, or do a little weekend shopping! Check out our other Southcoast Feel Good Hotspots in our Digital Magazine, STONED, and let Solar, your favorite SouthCoast dispensary, be your guide!