Waffle Cone


Dosilito x Jet Fuel Gelato)
Compound Genetics


Bred by Compound Genetics, the ice cream scoops stacked up on Waffle Cone are packed with a lineage weaving through the backroads of cannabis history, passing through some of the most beloved strains of all time (Dosilito x Jet Fuel Gelato). If you are looking for a potent indica-leaning hybrid that’ll put your workday to rest without the immediate couchlock, Waffle Cone is your new favorite dessert.


Waffle Cone’s buds are typically dark green and covered in vibrant orange hairs. This is all carried within a heavy coating of resinous trichomes.


The strain’s fragrance is multifaceted with a variety of undertones. At first whiff, Waffle Cone has a fruity fragrance with a noticeable hint of pineapple. This is combined with a spicy, earthy aroma followed by a musky tail end. There are faint diesel notes that are much more pronounced when the buds are ground up.

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