Member OG BX1



Member OG BX1 is an indica dominant cross of Member Berry 21 x Temple Kush that was bred as a limited release from Ethos genetics and became a fan favorite amongst cannabis connoisseurs everywhere. Member OG BX1 is a beautiful looking strain, blanketed with crystalline trichomes and a full coverage of bright amber pistils. Her dense nugs are full of bright greens and deep purples that will almost make you feel guilty for smoking them.This beautiful looking cultivar has a unique terpene profile that produces a flavorful mix of gas and berries that carries over on the exhale, much like a fine wine. However, this heady stash is rumored to be a steady creeper that will sneak up on you and hit hard, leaving you in a state of care-free bliss. If you’re a fan of old school kush and sweet berry flavor, this cultivar is guaranteed to impress.

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