Vanilla Cream Pie – Retired


Emerald Fire x Ghost of Von Humboldt OG
Humboldt Seed Company


OG Kush enthusiasts rejoice – a new iteration has arrived, and its name is Vanilla Cream Pie. A cross between Emerald Fire and Ghost of von Humboldt OG, a reference to Alexander Von Humboldt – the naturalist for which Humboldt County was named after. Generally veering into the indica lane, Humboldt Seed Co.’s Vanilla Cream Pie is built on a foundation that brings together many of the most iconic members of the Kush family.


Vanilla Cream Pie’s buds have leaves of mint to forest green, with clusters of fading copper pistols that follow no discernable pattern. As one would expect, its buds have the roundish form familiar to strains deeply entrenched in Kush genetics.


Vanilla Cream Pie carries one of the most well-mimicked vanilla fragrances of all strains with a similar namesake. When ground up, an over exaggerated, almost eye-watering citrus explosion is released. These traits are mirrored in its flavor – with some added hints of sour lemon and pine.

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