V6 Haze – Retired


Grape Gasoline x Skunk Valley Haze
Compound Genetics


The pairing of Compound Genetics’ Skunk Valley Haze and Grape Gasoline, V6 Haze is one of the newest iterations of the heavily embraced Haze backbone. The symmetrical hybrid can help initiate and remain engaged in conversations. Insightful, take a step back and the larger picture is now in frame.


V6 Haze’s buds are dense yet choppy, and oblong in shape. Their color scheme is so similar to its Grape Gasoline parent, the two could easily be confused to the untrained eye. Aside from the lighter shades of violet lining the periphery, there’s large purple leaves so dark they almost appear black. Wide, peach-tinged pistils are threaded across the entire trichome laced nuggets.


Grape Gasoline dominates most of V6 Haze’s terpene profile. Its buds emit a sweet and earthy aroma with faint hints of citrus – while its flavor is carried by fuel and dark berries. Its spicy back end also carries some floral tones reminiscent of its Haze influence.

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