Apples & Bananas S1


Platinum Cookies x Grand Daddy Purple x Blue Power x Gelatti
Compound Genetics


Breeding a four-way cross is a feat in itself – but finding four strains to work synergistically and create a hybrid with desirable traits from each is a triumph. Apples and Bananas (by Compound Genetics) meet these specifications, as it is the product of crossing a Platinum Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple hybrid with a Blue Power male plant – then combining the resulting strain with Gelatti.


Its buds express their Cookies lineage in their conical shape and density. Deep purple sweet leaves wrap around a dark green landscape lined with only the wiry copper pistils strong enough to push through the resinous surface.


Apples and Bananas emits a fragrance of sweet berry, spicy diesel, and earthy citrus. These characteristics carry over into its flavor, with added tones of sour apple and pine.

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