The Bling


Humboldt Frost x Reserve OG x Humboldt Gelato
Humboldt Seed Company


The Bling’s high is full of motivation and focus, with just enough recessive indica traits to smooth out any sharp edges. As you exhale its flavorful smoke, a high-flying euphoria hits your brain and ejects negative thought projections on even the bluest of days.Its buds are adorned in an equal ratio of dark green leaves and purples hues ranging from pinkish to violet. Its primary fragrance is that of sweet citrus and a fruitiness reminiscent of strawberry and grape. Undertones of fuel and skunk begin to rise as the fruity front end recedes.


Its buds have a round shape, virtually identical to an OG Kush phenotype – not surprising given the sheer amount of Kush influence brought to the table from its Humboldt Frost and Reserve OG genetics. If you can see through the icy platinum trichomes, you’ll catch a glimpse of its forest green surface and violet hues. Burnt orange pistils climbing the sides like fiery ivy.


The lemon and sweet fuel fragrance inherited from its Humboldt Frost parent collides with Reserve OG’s earthy lime to craft a magnificently sharp citrus flavor and aroma that dominates the strain’s terpene profile. On the exhale, The Bling’s floral middle tones linger momentarily, leaving subtle hints of berry behind.

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