Raspberry Parfait x Ice Cream Cake



Raspberry Parfait x Ice Cream Cake is a wacky, yet balanced hybrid variety encompassed with sparkling crystals and pungent smelling terpenes. These two strains crossed together offer a smooth blend with an uplifted feeling of happiness and a calm, relaxed body high. While Raspberry Parfait is a Sativa dominant strain, the Ice Cream Cake balances this strain out to an even hybrid with its heavy Indica dominance. The parent genetics are a combination of Wedding Cake, Shishkaberry, Truffula Tree, and Gelato #33. Due to its calming nature, this strain is ideal for those who are looking to relax without the couch lock. With Raspberry Parfait x Ice Cream Cake strain, the stress, pain, and bad vibes will fade right away. The fragrance of the bright terpinolene and spicy caryophyllene creates a beautiful citrus and pepper smoking experience.

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