Purple Trainwreck – Retired


Mendo Purps x Trainwreck
Solar In-House Genetics


Created behind the mighty redwood curtain of Humboldt County, Purple Trainwreck is the offspring of royalty. The indica-dominant hybrid is the product of crossing two-time Cannabis Cup winner Mendo Purps with Trainwreck – a variety long adopted as the official strain of Humboldt County. Purple Trainwreck is one of the most versatile medicinal strains on the market and is notoriously the most potent of the entire Trainwreck family tree. Purple Trainwreck is unique in its ability to ease both the body and the mind. Patients report relief of chronic stress and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, users also report greatly reduced joint and muscle pains. But many argue the strain’s most beneficial aspect is its efficacy in treating insomnia.


The aesthetic beauty of Purple Trainwreck is one that could have only emerged from the Emerald Triangle. Mint green buds are wrapped in dark bronze pistils and encased in trichomes so resinous they sparkle in the light. When the bud is rotated, purple hues appear like an optical illusion.


Purple Trainwreck’s odor is off-putting. At first pinch, there are hints of coffee, but when ground up, the fragrance of raspberries fills the room.

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