Pistachio – Retired


Pistachio BX2 x P-61 x Fortune Cookies
Humboldt Seed Company


Generally, a strain with the name Pistachio can be off-putting. Similar to every member of the GMO/Garlic Cookies family of hybrids, its namesake can cause a slow upward climb to the mainstream market – convincing one smoker at a time. This is a variety that should not be judged by its cover.
Introduced by Humboldt Seed Company, Pistachio is an indica-dominant triple cross of Pistachio BX2, P-61, and Fortune Cookies.


Pistachio’s dense buds have an oblong shape similar to many Cookies hybrids. Its base coat is dark purple, with a topcoat of gold flakes and pale green that is nearly invisible. Rust-tinged pistils are preserved beneath a surface of large, sugary trichomes reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC).


The strain’s fragrance is most often described as earthy and sweet, with the expected minty undertones of a Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) relative. Its flavor hits much fruitier notes, most detectable is a sour citrus that dissolves into a mild petrol finish.

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