Pink Certz


Grape Gasoline x The Menthol
Compound Genetics


One of the most exciting of the Certz family of hybrids is Pink Certz – a relatively even hybrid that tends to wander into its indica lineage. Built on a foundation of Grape Gasoline and The Menthol, Pink Certz is refreshing and stress busting without feeling like you’re wearing lead shoes. Pink Certz is arguably the closest any strain has mirrored real fresh lemon, opposed to candy – an unexpected surprise from a strain named after a wintergreen breath mint. There is also a spiciness and heavy pine in its fragrance. Fans of the gas strains, just hang in there – because when you put heat to Pink Certz, its frozen lemonade front end melts and petrol flavor ignites like a tinderbox.
Its buds are dense and shaped like mini footballs, a detail arbitrary in contrast to its overall appearance. A mixture of lime green and emerald are expressed in equal ratio with hues of lavender and dark purple. Translucent amber pistils are almost invisible beneath its blizzard of frosty trichomes, which also give the flowers a pinkish glow.

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