London Pound Cake x Wedding Tree – Retired


London Pound Cake x Wedding Tree
Humboldt Seed Company


Bred by Humboldt Seed Company, London Pound Cake x Wedding Tree doesn’t conceal its genetic makeup behind a fancy moniker, but rather proudly displays its lineage. A generally well-balanced hybrid, it offers an invigorating and captivating high, complemented by a distinctive flavor profile.


Lemon Pound Cake x Wedding Tree’s buds display a combination of mint green and purple leaves that are beautifully complemented by hues of yellow-gold threaded with muted bronze pistils and enhanced by a thick layer of resinous trichomes, providing a glossy sheen.


London Pound Cake x Wedding Tree has an unmistakable aroma that is bold and attention-grabbing. Externally, the buds emanate high notes of citrus and berry. When ground up, an almost eye-searing blast of lemon punches the nostrils. Its flavor profile is similar, but introduces detectable tones of petrol and spice that fade into an earthy finish.

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