LA Pop Rocks x Mimosa


LA Pop Rocks x Mimosa
555 Genetics


Mimosa has been a crowd favorite for around a decade now. By combining it with a newer LA Pop Rocks cultivar, the result could be described as an upgraded Mimosa – magnifying the strain’s most desirable characteristics. A new addition to the 555 Genetics line, LA Pop Rocks x Mimosa combines a rising star with a crowd favorite. The indica-leaning hybrid wades in a gene pool so vast, it’s oceanic.


The buds are interwoven with fiery red pistils – an unmistakable trademark of its Mimosa lineage. Their surface is like a genetic map to its Purple Punch relative – one of the most aesthetically beautiful cultivars on the planet. The buds have a density and shape that clearly expresses the Cookies ancestry of its LA Pop Rocks side.


Its fragrance is sweet and fruity. When ground up, powerful citrus high notes are released. On the inhale, a berry sweetness races to the taste buds, followed by an orange soda-like tingle. On the exhale, Mimosa’s tropical spiciness is revealed.

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