Jokerz Candy


Grape Gasoline x Gummiez
Compound Genetics


The product of combining two of Compound Genetics’ soon-to-be legends, Jokerz Candy showcases the most desirable characteristics of both its Grape Gasoline and Gummiez parentage. Jokerz Candy has enough indica dominance to replace stress with lightheartedness and laughter. This strain allows your mind to disconnect from the conveyor belt of day-to-day stressors, serving as a reminder that peace and serenity still live within you.


Its buds are dense and spherical, with a coloration so steeped in deep purple it would take magnification to cut through the heaping trichomes and find a few green spots. Dark bronze pistols cut through the abyss, threading its entire surface.


The terpene profile on Joker’s Candy is a gold mine for gas fans – a trait typically not found hiding within strains donning such a dark purple exterior. Straight out of the jar, the buds emanate a fragrance of citrus, sweet red wine, and petrol. This carries over to its flavor, with added notes of spice and an earthy finish.

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