Jelly Runtz – Retired


White Runtz x Hella Jelly
Humboldt Seed Company


A member of Humboldt Seed Company’s line of “Jelly” hybrids, Jelly Runtz is so even keeled, it’s almost symmetrical. The product of crossing Hella Jelly and White Runtz, this rare treat inherits most of the desirable traits from the original Runtz strain and amplifies them, while its appearance and terpene profile most closely resemble its Zkittlez grandparent. Reported to have positive, level-headed, and tranquil effects, these strains also typically have powerful flavors worthy of their famously sugar-packed namesakes. Jelly Runtz is sweeter and fruitier than other Runtz hybrids. Its terpene profile gives it candy-like qualities, highlighted by Hella Jelly’s refreshing notes of strawberry and grape. Its buds are adorned in an equal ratio of dark greens eye-catching purples ranging from pinkish to violet. Large bronze pistils lie flat beneath giant trichomes sparkling like the ocean’s surface under a starry sky.

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