Ice Cream Tree – Retired


Ice Cream Cake x Wedding Tree
Humboldt Seed Company


The even-keeled result of pairing Humboldt Seed Company’s Ice Cream Cake and Wedding Tree, Ice Cream Tree is capable of deflecting the jabs of anxiety and high-level stressors like a suit of armor. Its indica genetics are heavily expressed, but the sativa ratio is more than enough to eliminate any fatiguing side effects.


Ice Cream Tree’s buds are wispy and resemble spruce trees in form. The leaf coloration alternates from light green to emerald, with abundant hues of violet centralized toward the base. Clusters of burnt copper pistils reside in sparse patterns beneath a shroud of resinous trichomes.


Ice Cream Tree’s terpene profile raises the bar of flavor synergy. On the exterior, its buds emanate berries and citrus. This carries over into the smoke, with added hints of vanilla and spice.

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