Golden Child – Retired


Highland Oaxaca Gold x Chelumbian
Humboldt Seed Company


The Golden Child crosses Highland Oaxaca Gold with Chelumbian – essentially mining the nearly extinct “gold” strains of the 1970s and improving upon them. When rolled into a joint, the sweet sativa transforms into a dynamite stick – that if lit, has the concentrated power to ignite an earth-shifting boom with aftershocks that can last for hours.


Its buds are dense and oblong, inheriting almost all aesthetic traits from its landrace sativa origins. Their surface is almost entirely green – ranging from mint to olive, with large areas of gold akin to that of the more popularly known Acapulco Gold strain. Light copper pistils are scarce and barely visible against the muted color scheme.


The Golden Child’s fragrance is sweet and earthy, with high notes of refined pineapple that closely mimic the tropical fruit. Its flavor showcases an almost identical terpene profile, but with added notes of pine and skunk.

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