Garlic Budder – Retired


Fortune Cookies x GMO
Humboldt Seed Co.


Created by Humboldt Seed Company, Garlic Budder pairs Fortune Cookies with GMO to create a heavy-footed indica dominant hybrid. Its high is almost entirely led by its GMO parent – a cross of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and ChemDawg. The starry-eyed effects are potent enough to loosen up even the highest strung.


Garlic Budder’s appearance can vary a bit – though, all phenotypes are equally eye-catching. Generally dense and roundish, the buds display deep purple grooves in equal ratio with forest green leaves. Short bronze pistils rise through the trichome-laced surface, resembling the needles shooting straight out of a cactus.


GMO hybrids have become famous for the garlic-like terpene profile they often inherit – a characteristic unpopular with many. For these folks, there’s good news – Garlic Budder carries almost no trace of its powerfully fragrant namesake. Its GMO genetics remain concentrated in the strain’s Kush-like effects. Its fragrance and flavor are consumed with tones of hazelnut, sage, and a spicy pine finish that lingers. When ground up, the nugs release serious citrus fumes coupled with sage and sweet pine.

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