Apples & Bananas x Eye Candy
Compound Genetics


The product of combining Apples and Bananas and Eye Candy, Facade is a sativa-leaning hybrid that offers a huge, fruity terpene profile that’s matched only by its equally loud and intense effects.

Over the last decade, multiple strains have donned the name “Eye Candy;” the most commonly found was a cross of Cookies Fam’s Tina and Wedding Cake. But, according to a recent social media post from Cookie’s CEO Berner, it was revealed that the latest formulation of Eye Candy is the brainchild of Wedding Cake and Gelatti. Crossing Eye Candy with the powerhouse hybrid of Apples and Bananas births a sativa-dominant cultivar pushing maximum aroma, flavor, and potency.


The buds are dense and oblong, a signature of Cookies Fam genetics. It’s arguably the most purple exterior found in modern cannabis. Unearthing more than a few specks of green within the dark purple, almost black surface becomes an undertaking that would require a search party. The opaque surface reveals bright orange pistols bursting in clusters following no visible pattern. Long, resinous trichomes create a luminous glow around the nugs.


When ground up, its buds release a fragrance of zesty lemon and cracked pepper. High notes of diesel are likely inherited from both parents’ ChemDawg and OG Kush genetics. The flavor mirrors the aroma, though with much sweeter notes of citrus and a skunky finish that lingers on the taste buds before dissolving.

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