Compound Z


Apples and Bananas x White Runtz
Compound Genetics


No matter what strain is bred with Apples and Bananas, the end result will be an incredibly dynamic hybrid that’s heavily influenced by its four way cross of Platinum Cookies, Grand Daddy Purple, Blue Power, and Gelatti.

A new addition to the Apples and Bananas series, Compound Z crosses the hyper-popular cultivar with the equally lauded White Runtz strain. This hybrid truly lives up to its name – densely packed with genetics from nearly every major branch of the cannabis family tree.


Compound Z’s buds appear dense and rigid, inheriting much of its Cookies lineage. Their surface is a purple canvas resembling that of strains like Purple Punch and Gelato. Patches of muted orange pistils appear in small clusters, buried beneath a massive frosting of resinous trichomes.


Not surprisingly, Compound Z’s fragrance and flavor are intense. On the exterior, it emits piercing notes of citrus, followed by less abrasive tones of sweet berries and earth. When ground up, the strain erupts with an unassuming cloud of fuel likely inherited from its NYC Diesel relative. These characteristics carry over into its flavor, but with far more influence from its Runtz lineage – adding a sweet, candy-like tartness.

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