Cherry Punch (Retired Strain w/ existing SKU’s)


Purple Punch x Cherry AK-47
Symbiotic Genetics


Bred by Symbiotic Genetics, Cherry Punch is the product of crossing two of the most deliciously potent varieties, Purple Punch and Cherry AK-47. With very chunky, dense nugs, she’s an even-keeled flower that emanates a fruity, berry-like fragrance – almost identical to its Purple Punch parent – with a little skunk sprayed. The strain’s flavor mimics its aroma as it packs an explosive berry taste. Cherry Punch is a hypnotic strain that is great smoke for day or night, inheriting the strongest characteristics of each parent. If you’re looking for an even-keeled, positive, creative powerhouse with a pallet-punching terpene profile of sweet berries, Cherry Punch is a knockout.


Cherry Punch’s buds are magnificent. Their colorful, kaleidoscope-like surface resembles a topographical map of paradise. Oceans of purple swirl through a mint green, resembling a seascape. Its blazing red pistils sit atop a sea of purple and dark green hues, saturated with sparkling trichomes.


The flower emanates a fruity, berry-like fragrance almost identical to its Purple Punch parent, with a little skunk sprayed in. The strain’s flavor is very close to its explosive berry aroma with a raspberry-like tartness.

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