Super Lemon Haze – Retired


Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
Solar In-House Genetics


Super Lemon Haze is the archetype for all other lemon hybrids. A household name among cannabis lovers, the legendary pairing of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze has remained one of the most beloved strains for decades. The sativa dominant variety first emerged during the buzzing Dutch genetics boom of the 1990s, later going on to win several High Times Cannabis Cups.


Its buds are oblong and wispy. On the exterior surface, patches of gold are surrounded by a beautiful coloration of emerald leaves with streaks of muted violet. Its light peach pistils are virtually invisible, especially when in competition with the silvery platinum trichomes.


Witnessing the expression on someone’s face after popping the lid off a jar of Super Lemon Haze never gets old: It’s that look of being punched in the nostrils by terpenes working overtime. Its buds emit a fragrance carried by high notes of citrus and lemon, with an earthiness that cuts right through the middle. This carries over into the flavor – with much more defined notes of sour lemon, orange, and the spiciness typical of Haze hybrids. A well-defined skunkiness lingers on the taste buds as the smoke burns off.

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