Candy Pavé


Paris OG x The Menthol
Compound Genetics


Candy Pavé is an evenly balanced hybrid variety created through the pairing of The Menthol and Paris OG strains. While the exact lineage of its Paris OG parent cannot be accurately nailed down, the intense citrus flavor of the strain leads many to suspect that it is a result of crossing Lemon OG and Headband. On the other hand, the origins of The Menthol are well-documented. It possesses slightly indica leaning characteristics and comes from a diverse lineage that combines Gelato 45, White Diesel, High Octane, and Jet Fuel OG.


Candy Pavé buds appear coral-like – formed by choppy waters. Dense and cavernous, its shape is difficult to describe, as there is no other to which it can be compared. The coloration is remarkable – showcasing incredibly dynamic hues of purple likely inherited from its Gelato lineage. Light green leaves fill any empty spaces, along with thin red pistils and a heavy coating of thick, resinous trichomes.


Closely related to strains like Sour Diesel and ChemDawg, Candy Pavé has a fragrance that radiates high notes of petrol and citrus, with a rubbery back end. Its flavor on the other hand, is cut by sweet oranges and a sharp minty accent that burns off in a spicy boom.

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