Blue Dream x Pink Champagne – Retired


Blue Dream x Pink Champagne
Solar In-House Genetics


For decades, Blue Dream has remained a constant in the world cannabis arena, and with good reason. The legendary sativa-leaning cross of Blueberry and Haze has served as the backbone for some of the most exciting and multifaceted hybrids on earth.When paired with Pink Champagne, the indica-leaning offspring of Grand Daddy Purple and Cherry Pie, we are left with a synergistic union that combines classic and modern genetics in order to cross the great indica and sativa divide. If you’re searching for a relaxing yet highly functional strain, look no further.


Its buds have the chunky roundness of Blue Dream with a mint green complexion and a light blue sheen that becomes silvery once its resinous trichomes have reached peak potency. Pinkish tones can be found underneath the leaves from which its bronze pistils rise in small, dense patches.


This divine pairing’s terpene profile is an absolute home run. Its fragrance emits sweet notes of blueberry accented by an earthy spice. Its flavor mirrors its aroma – with added hints of strawberry and a much more intense fruit presence on the back end.

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