Indoor Weed Vs Outdoor Weed: What is the Difference?

A lot of people have preferences when it comes to indoor vs outdoor weed. Some say that indoor weed is more potent and has a better flavor. Others may claim that outdoor-grown buds are bigger and have a more “natural” state. However, not all of the bases for preference over where weed is grown are rooted in fact. There can certainly be differences between cannabis cultivated indoors and outdoors, but the specifics can get pretty complex.

So, what’s the difference between indoor and outdoor weed? Is indoor or outdoor weed better? Understanding all the nuanced differences can take at least a brief dive into both types of growing practices. Take a look at the difference between indoor and outdoor weed below.

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Indoor vs Outdoor Cannabis

A cultivator could plant the same cannabis strain seeds in precisely the same area, give each plant identical levels of care, and harvest two plants at the end of the growing cycle with completely different qualities. This is because plants are in two wholly different environments throughout the growing process, and certain methodologies naturally have to be tweaked to ensure the plant gets what it needs. Take a look at the difference between outdoor and indoor weed below.

Growing Conditions

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Indoor cannabis plants thrive in controlled environments with regulated temperatures, humidity, and lighting, which tend to result in consistent growth. Conversely, outdoor plants rely on natural sunlight and weather conditions, which can lead to variations in growth rates and overall plant health.

Harvest Yield

Indoor cultivation often yields higher quantities per square foot due to controlled conditions, optimized lighting, and year-round growing. Outdoor cultivation, while reliant on seasonal factors, can produce larger individual plants, but overall yields may vary.

Pest and Disease Exposure

Indoor cultivation provides a more controlled environment, which minimizes the risk of pests and diseases. Growers can closely monitor plants and implement preventive measures to thwart issues with mold or other contaminants. Conversely, outdoor cultivation is more susceptible to pests and diseases due to exposure to natural elements that are much harder to control.

Quality, Terpene Profile, and Potency

Indoor-grown weed tends to have higher potency, greater terpene concentrations, and more robust cannabinoid content due to controlled conditions. Outdoor-grown cannabis may vary in quality and potency depending on environmental factors, such as sunlight and soil quality.

Is indoor weed better than outdoor weed?

You could ask many people, “Is outdoor weed grown better than indoor?” and get a different answer every time. In reality, both growing methods have their advantages and disadvantages. In some respects, yes, indoor-grown cannabis can have certain advantages compared to outgrown weed, both in terms of the growing process and the quality of the harvest. However, outdoor-grown cannabis can also have some advantages, such as a lower environmental impact and potentially larger yields. Therefore, there truly is no definitive answer to which growing method is truly the best.

The Solar Cannabis Approach to Growing Premium Cannabis

Solar brings together the power of outdoor elements and the precision control of an interior grow operation. As one of the only cultivators in the country completely fueled by the sun, our indoor cultivation facility is designed to rely on what nature provides to grow the best cannabis possible. Our indoor facilities are completely solar-powered by solar panels despite being almost 70,000 square feet in size. We also utilize cool air from the outdoors to keep our grow rooms at the best temperature to support every plant as it matures. In addition, around 90 percent of the water used in our cultivation facilities is recaptured and recycled for reuse.

While our innovative setup is built around the goal of making cannabis cultivation as sustainable as possible, we also know how important it is for cannabis to be grown in a way as close to nature intended as possible. Therefore, we bring together the best of both worlds to grow some of the most sought-after cannabis strains in Massachusetts. Each plant is perfectly nurtured by nature and our team from seed to harvest to maintain the utmost terpene quality and cannabinoid density.

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If you are looking for high-quality cannabis, it is always a good idea to get familiar with a brand’s growing practices. While the difference between indoor and outdoor weed can be important, the key to a quality end product is the amount of dedication a cultivator has to producing the best possible flower. Be sure to take a look at the cultivation process at Solar, and stop by for a visit at one of our dispensaries in Seekonk, Dartmouth, or Somerset, MA.

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