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The Sun is What Separates Us

The Sun Is What Separate Us Solar Cannabis Co.

Sustainable cannabis Cultivation fueled by the sun

By: Gregg Padula

Since opening its doors in Somerset, MA in 2019, Solar Cannabis Co. (Solar) has become one of  New England’s most sustainable and most exciting players in the retail cannabis arena. Its state-of-the-art operation is the first and largest sun-fueled indoor cultivation facility of its kind in the nation.  

Solar’s facilities were brought to life by CEO, Ed Dow, a former engineer and an executive leader committed to the development of a sustainable cannabis industry. His mission is simple.   Leave the smallest carbon footprint possible for an indoor grow facility. “Being a responsible corporate citizen is mission critical if we’re going to sustain the industry,” says Dow. 

Dow’s green engineering began with solar power. Nearly 70,000 square feet of solar panels harness the sun’s rays and power the company’s flagship facility.  In addition, liquid chillers utilize the cold outside air to naturally cool grow rooms, massive water holding tanks recycle roughly 90% of the water used in cultivation, and sustainable packaging initiatives are always a top priority.  

The integration of cannabis and sustainability is a big deal – arguably the most important shift in legal cannabis cultivation to date. It’s a little-known fact that the cannabis industry is one of the most unsustainable in the country. As the industry expands, energy-depleting indoor facilities may be forced to shift their practices, and lawmakers and conservationists will look toward pioneers like Solar to help reshape or fully redefine the industry in their archetype.   

As we dive into 2022, Solar has plans to continue to expand operations. The flagship Somerset dispensary continues to boom, while expansion to both Seekonk and Dartmouth (set to open in Fall 2022) are major milestones proving that the solar-driven, reduced-greenhouse-gas model for high volume cannabis production can indeed thrive.

Want to learn more? Read the entire article, The Sun Always Rises at Solar Cannabis Co., in the Spring 2022 edition of our digital magazine, STONED. 

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