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Solar Cultivar Review: Hella Jelly


Meet Hella Jelly
High-Flying Euphoria Awaits

Review By: Gregg Padula

I recently had the chance to try out Hella Jelly, a fire strain with a complex terpene profile, cultivated by Solar Cannabis Co. Produced by California breeder Humboldt Seed Company, Hella Jelly is the sativa-leaning offspring of its proprietary strains, Notorious THC and Very Cherry.  

Hella Jelly Solar Cannabis Co Strain HumboldtHella Jelly’s primary fragrance is that of sweet citrus and a fruitiness reminiscent of strawberries and cherries. Undertones of fuel and skunk begin to rise as the fruity front end recedes. Its buds have a gumdrop shape, adorned in an equal ratio of dark green leaves and purples hues ranging from pinkish to violet. Large bronze pistils are hardly visible through trichomes so abundant they sparkle like the ocean’s surface under a starry sky.

I found Hella Jelly’s high to be full of motivation and focus, with just enough recessive indica traits to smooth out any sharp edges. If your largest hurdle to completing a project is sitting down and starting, Hella Jelly can be quite useful in conjuring that quick nudge from couch to office chair.

As I exhaled its flavorful smoke, a high-flying euphoria hit my brain that could eject even the most negative thoughts on the bluest of days.  This high altitude allowed for sustained productivity on tasks requiring quiet attention, while also opening the window to creativity and innovative thought

As I settled into the high, Hella Jelly’s euphoric effects maintained balance without causing me to slip into a disoriented fog, making it a great candidate for social situations. I was able to find the humor in almost any conversation while retaining enough sense to react appropriately without veering off into uncontrollable laughter.

All in all, Hella Jelly is a versatile cultivar that packs a powerful punch. It’s no wonder it has been commonly used to treat things like chronic pain, ADHD, fatigue and depression. Be sure to stock up on this Solar staple.


common uses and common effects of hella jelly sativa-leaning cannabis strain from solar cannabis co.

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About the Author: Gregg Padula

gregg padula strain reviewer Solar cannabis co

Gregg Padula is a writer and cannabis expert who began working with the plant while earning his undergraduate degree at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.
When Massachusetts legalized medical cannabis, Padula was the first cultivator hired for what would later be one of the largest production facilities operating.
Starting to see a growing disconnect between Massachusetts residents and cannabis companies, Padula pitched a bi-weekly cannabis column focused on educating and providing trusted, science-backed information to readers. The column ran in over one hundred print publications and online, attracting large readership.
Padula’s hands-on experience working in several facets of the industry has provided rare insight into the cannabis arena from a unique vantage point.


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