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Green Meadows

In 1928, George S. Patton and his wife Beatrice established Green Meadows, a picturesque horse farm in Hamilton, Massachusetts, gracing Boston’s North Shore. This serene haven became the birthplace of a legacy deeply rooted in sustainable and organic farming. Decades later, George Patton IV, a highly decorated major general, returned to Green Meadows in 1980, ushering in a new era.

Inspired by a commitment to the land, he transformed it into a flourishing “”pick your own”” blueberry farm. Over time, this vision blossomed into a thriving commercial farm stand and a Community Supported Agriculture Collective, proudly offering locally-grown, organic-certified produce.

Today, this tradition continues with their indoor organic cultivation facility in Southbridge, Massachusetts. They are proud to carry forward the legacy, providing our community with the finest, organically grown cannabis.

Green Meadows:

Product Line

Green Meadows offers customers a wide variety of strains, with something for everyone.

Some of the company’s most popular strains include:

  • Fanta Sea Strain: Fanta Sea, their organically cultivated hybrid strain combines the best of Wedding Cake, Triangle Jush, Mandarin Cookies, and Grandpa’s Cookies #6 genetics. With a terpene profile boasting sandalwood, cake batter, pungent orange, and gas flavors, Fanta Sea delivers a euphoric, relaxing, and motivating experience.
  • Gummy Buns Strain: Grown in living soil at Green Meadows, and originally bred by Exotic Genetix, Gummy Buns is a heavy-hitting indica, dripping with a sweet citrus flavor. The perfect selection to bring about creativity, relaxation, and an overwhelming sense of calm, this cross of Biscotti x Grease Monkey is an incredible choice for a quiet evening at home.
  • Pine Soul Strain: This sativa-leaning hybrid is a perfect fit for anyone searching for an earthy, citrusy, smooth smoke. Bred by Cannarado by crossing Freezer Burn x Lemon Tree, Pine Soul has an energetic high that is perfect for a day time consumer. Cultivated organically, this heavy hitter has a strong terpene profile featuring limonene and pinene.

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