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Fernway works to make great cannabis that enhances the lives of their customers. Their name is inspired by the German word fernweh, meaning a longing for travel, adventure, and faraway places. The company works to bring this feeling–an adventurous spirit–to their customers through their cannabis products.



Product Line

Fernway offers several cannabis products, including:

  • Joints (varieties include Honeycrisp, Pumpkin Spice, Alpine Strawberry, Mango, and and Blueberry Cake)
  • Flavored Vapes (varieties including Alpine Strawberry, Honeycrisp, Lavender Dream, Pineland Diesel, Pumpkin Spice, and Stonefruit)
  • Strain Vapes (varieties including GG4, Space Queen, Black Magic, Red Headed Stranger, Tahoe OG, Mountain Girl, and Golden Tiger)
  • Live Resin Vapes (varieties including El Dorado, Black Triangle, Glass Slipper, Rainmaker, and Buddha’s Hand)
  • Flower (varieties including Berry Chill, Cookies and Cream, Horchata, Mana, Monkey Mints, and Trilla)

Fernway FAQs

What is terpene infused cannabis?

Terpenes are the compounds that give plants their smell. Fernway uses terpenes to infuse scents and flavors into their cannabis products.

What are the ingredients of Fernway cartridges?

The simplicity of Fernway is what makes their products great: they contain only cannabis oil and terpenes.

Should I take a big hit of Fernway vapes?

If it’s your first time trying a Fernway, we recommend that you start slow. Taking a 3-second draw is a good starting point. You’ll want to make sure that you breathe easy as you pull, as putting too much effort into your hit can result in clogging. Wait at least 15 minutes before you take another hit.

Fernway Review

Reviewers love Fernway cartridges, and say that the flavors are unbeatable. Fan favorite flavors include Bay Dream, Berkshire Gold, Blue Mirage, and Berry Haze. In addition to tasting great, reviewers also love that Fernway’s flavorings are derived from fruit, providing an all-natural high without chemical additives.

Where to Buy Fernway in Massachusetts

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