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Solar’s Sustainable Approach to Cannabis Cultivation Featured in Different Leaf Magazine


Different Leaf Magazine

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Eco-Friendly Cannabis Cultivation Is Good For The Environment and For Business

It’s well known that indoor cannabis cultivation uses a lot of energy. According to the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, a grow facility can consume ten times the power of a comparable office building, and a frequently cited 2012 article in the journal Energy Policy famously states that the typical indoor grow room has the same power density as a data center.

“Solar Therapeutics, now ramping up operations in the town of Somerset, is powered by a microgrid—an on-site energy system that marries solar panels, large storage batteries, and two high-efficiency cogeneration units powered by natural gas.”

It turns out that in the cannabis business, doing the right thing is closely aligned with profitability. A state-of-the-art, high-tech facility that is energy, water, and waste efficiency has a smaller carbon footprint and lower environmental impact than a typical grow room. It can also produce a better product and higher yields, meaning higher returns for investors.

You can download the full article here.

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