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If you’ve begun the process of exploring cannabis vapes, there’s no doubt that you’ve already heard of PAX Labs. One of the most well-known cannabis vape companies in the market today, PAX was started in San Francisco in 2007.

Founders James Monsees and Adam Bowen initially started the company with the hope of creating a viable alternative to cigarettes. The company developed the brand Juul in 2015, which later became an independent company. Today, PAX Labs focuses on developing premium oil and flower vapes for their customers around the world.

No matter what type of cartridge—or what type of high—you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the PAX Labs product line.



Product Line

At Solar Cannabis Co., we know that our customers love the convenience and quality of PAX products, and we’re proud to carry a range of the company’s vapes, including:

  • Sunset Sherbet Diamonds PAX Pod
  • Mochi Cookies Live Rosin PAX Pod
  • PAX Era Ultra Pink
  • PAX Era Ultra Black
  • Huckleberry High Purity PAX Pod

Not sure which PAX option is the right fit for you? Our friendly team is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a vape to help you sleep or to give you energy, PAX will take you where you want to go. Reach out to us or stop by Solar Cannabis Co. to chat about which of our PAX options will create the cannabis experience that’s right for you.


How long should I pull a hit of my PAX vape?

It’s recommended that you start with one pull, wait 15 minutes, and then take another pull if you have yet to reach your desired effect. Two to three second draws should be plenty to give you the pull that you’re looking for.

How much THC is in a draw from a PAX vape?

While the strength of your pull will determine exactly how much THC you get from each hit, PAX research shows that most people get 5-7.5 milligrams of THC with each pull.

PAX Review

PAX customers love the convenience and high quality of PAX. Customers also say that the flavor of PAX pods is unbeatable, and many can’t get enough of the live resin options. The pods offer a smooth pull and taste incredibly similar to standard live resin.

Where to Buy PAX in Massachusetts

Come See Us!

Looking for PAX disposables? You’re in the right place. At Solar Cannabis Co., we’re here to help.

Buy Pax Vapes at Solar Cannabis Co.

At Solar Cannabis Co., our team is here to provide you with the PAX cannabis that you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for a high that will help you focus or something to help you drift off to sleep at night, our PAX vape carts have you covered. We invite you to take your time browsing our online menu to learn more about what we have to offer, or simply stop by our shop and chat with one of our friendly budtenders about all of our PAX weed options.

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