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Meet Solar’s Featured Artist Kyle Travis

Kyle Travis Featured Artist Solar Cannabis Co

Artist Kyle Travis: COMPLEx creative visions

Featured Artist at Solar Cannabis Co.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Solar’s featured artist, Kyle Travis of Apocpoet Art, lives in a world of abstract themes and concepts. A deeply spiritual person, his artwork is said to be a window into his body and soul. This New England artist’s online gallery showcases a love of bold color and wild patterns. Each piece of art pulls you in, capturing your attention with a complex energy that brings Travis’s most private thoughts and stories to life.

Kyle Travis ApocPoet Art

Kyle, who has always believed in being a man and an artist who takes chances, regularly pursues new challenges to advance his skills. He has developed and mastered many artistic styles that have built Apocpoet Art into what it is today. One day you’ll find him painting a mural or a 40 ft interactive stage installation for a music festival, and on another day he could be making custom ice tie-dye clothing, album covers, tour posters, custom-painted guitars, or even furniture!

art installation by kyle travis apocpoet art


What inspires Kyle? When we asked, Kyle shared with us that his biggest source of inspiration are his regular everyday encounters. He enjoys journaling and taking note of interesting memories, names, songs, or expressions when they present themselves. His notes and memories help spark creative visions and inspire future paintings. 

Art by Kyle Travis ApocPoet Art

It has been our pleasure to team up with Kyle to spread the word about his amazing artwork. We had the chance to sit down with Kyle and talk to him about his art, his inspiration, and his plans for the future. You can read the full interview in our digital magazine, STONED.

Through the end of June, a selection of Kyle’s artwork will be on display in our Somerset dispensary at 1400 Brayton Point Road.  Be sure to stop in to check out his work!


Visit Kyle online: http://apocpoet.com/ 

Follow Kyle on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apocpoetart/ 

Shop Kyle’s store: http://apocpoet.com/shop/ 

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