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Meet Solar’s Featured Artist Bianca DePaoli

Artist Bianca DePaoli: Breaking Out of the Darkness

Featured Artist at Solar Cannabis Co.

Friday, October 10, 2021

Artist Bianca DePaoli Featured Solar Cannabis Co Somerset, MALocal Massachusetts artist Bianca DePaoli is a self-taught, multi-faceted artist focused on creating pieces which highlight the juxtaposition of brutality and beauty.  Her style alters and reflects on the phase she is currently engulfed in. Watch the video or read the interview below to meet Bianca, and learn more about her start as an artist and what inspires her! 

Solar: What was your first exposure to art growing up? 

Bianca: So growing up, I was always artistic. I think I started drawing when I was two, and the first thing that my parents recalled me drawing was Homer Simpson.  From there, I’ve just always been artistic. It wasn’t until after high school that I lost my passion with art. I was supposed to go to art school, but I went in the opposite direction, and it took about five years until I started really deciding I wanted to try it again.

I picked up painting, and I was never, ever a painter. I was actually more into charcoal and drawing. So I started painting and I’m posting everything on social media and that was where it really started to pick up for me. I sold my first piece on eBay. I was like, “Dad, can you put this on?” It was a shark, I remember, and it sold to a buyer in Las Vegas! I remember being so stoked about that. That was the first piece that I ever tried selling too!

Solar: What does your art style entail? 

Bianca: So I play with a lot of contrast in my pieces. The sharks have been my most popular sellers and those stemmed from breaking out of the darkness… something that feels empowering to people.  

A lot of the collage ones include clippings from vintage Playboy magazines from the sixties to the eighties. I like to pair those with some romantic saying. I was just kind of always trying to find myself. I always go through so many different phases, and as I go through phases and grow, my art also reflects on that.

I think when I started painting for the first time, I felt so lost. I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go. So I just honestly was winging it, and from there I liked feeling how in control I was.  I paint mostly with my hands. I probably have two brushes that I really like to use for detail, but the rest I just use my hands. If I feel boxed in, I’m just not going to want to do it at all. I think that’s why I stopped making art for so long. After high school, I just was like, “I don’t want to do this at all” and I just fell out of love with it.  It took me to find my own pace and feel authentic when I create things.

Solar: Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Bianca: Honestly, music is my biggest inspiration. Certain songs just help me visualize exactly what I want to create. It’s all about the vibe. I try to be as open-minded, as I can, to like different artists, even if it’s not my style. I can take something as simple a color, and that can inspire me, or just even like clothes, anything, it can be inspiration.

I think I struggled with a lot of self-doubt. I was always, I guess, insecure about my work in the previous years. It wasn’t until I started just seeing what I am capable of doing that really pushed me to try to be better every time.

Solar: How would you sum up your art in a couple of words?

Bianca: If I could sum up my art in a couple words, I would say it’s loud and rejuvenating.


It was our pleasure teaming up with Bianca to spread the word about her amazing artwork.  Through the end of December, a selection of Bianca’s artwork will be on display in our Somerset dispensary at 1400 Brayton Point Road.  Be sure to stop in to check out her work!

Visit Bianca online: https://biancadepaoli.com/

Follow Bianca on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biancadepaoli/

Shop Bianca’s store: https://bianca-depaoli-store.myshopify.com/

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