Solar Therapeutics

Medical FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Solar Therapeutics be open for medical sales?

We have been working on receiving approval for medical sales and will continue to keep our consumers updated as we progress! Thank you for being patient with us as we go through this lengthy state certification process.

Being a medical marijuana patient, what type of identification do I need to have with me?

Please bring your Massachusetts state issued medical marijuana card as well as your state issued ID or passport.

How much product can be purchased by a patient at one time?

While the MA law allows a qualifying patient to possess up to a 60 day supply (The regulations define a 60 day supply as up to 10 ounces) of medical marijuana for his or her personal use. Solar Thera has implemented additional, temporary limits to ensure supply is meeting demand.

If I live out of state can I purchase in medical marijuana in MA?

MA does not allow out of state patients to purchase medical marijuana. You must have a valid MA medical marijuana card.

How do you become a medical marijuana patient?

To register as a patient, please go to website and follow the step by step instructions.