May 7, 2020 | In the News

Solar Thera Goes 1 on 1 with Bobby Nugz of Dig Boston



During a time of global pandemic it’s difficult to navigate such uncharted waters. Since the shelter-in-place order, every individual, business and industry alike has had to pivot in hopes of surviving such harsh conditions. There aren’t too many businesses that have gone unschathed since the arrival of COVID19; that includes the cannabis industry.

“Handling a social ban and social distancing orders was a new experience for everyone in any business or industry.”

Solar Thera’s CEO Ed Dow recently sat down with Dig Boston’s Bobby Nugz to discuss the difficulties of having to adjust during a pandemic and how the company has found a bit of a silver lining to the seemingly-endless cloud covering the globe.

“It’s definitely been a difficult stretch for us all, not just those in the cannabis industry. However, we believe that in unprecedented times individuals and businesses can find opportunities when faced with obstacles.”

The full interview in DigBoston can be read here.

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